Järna International Steiner College

Steinerhögskolan (Steiner University College) in Järna is beautifully situated 55 km south of Stockholm, by the Baltic Sea, Sweden. With its numerous initiatives, it illustrates an inspiring landscape of people’s visions being put into practice. Here you will find Steinerschools,  biodynamic farms, shops and cafés devoted to organic products, curative homes, alternative banks and the award-winning Ytterjärna Culture House.

Steinerhögskolan is an educational centre offering full-time, as well as part-time, courses in varied fields such as education, eurythmy, art and art therapy.

The various courses seek to integrate theoretical studies with artistic and practical projects, thereby encouraging a learning process which also strives to create a dialogue concerning vital and dramatic issues, challenges and needs of our time. The centre provides single room accommodation in student houses on the campus.

Steinerhögskolan with its outstanding architecture and extensive park receives every year a large number of visitors. Throughout the year people from all over the world are able to find moments of inspiration from the variety of exciting cultural, educational and social events taking place on these beautiful premises


The white house


The greenhouse


The EurythmyTeachertraining is a part-time training. The training takes place on weekends. It is a 6-year trainingcourse.

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Curative Education training course

In the autumn of 2023, a new Curative Education training course for Chinese students will start. The Curative Education training course is a 2 year, part-time, training programme divided into modules of 4-5 weeks, with a total of 15 weeks. Modules 1 – 3 take place in Järna and module 4 in China. Individual projects and assignments are performed between the modules. 

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Anthroposophic Art Therapy course

In the autumn of 2023 , a new Anthroposophic Art Therapy course for Chinese students will start. The course is structured in 4 blocks, each 4 to 5 weeks full-time in duration. The lectures are held in English and German with translation. Block 1 starts on October 23 2023, at the Steiner university College in Järna, 40 km south of Stockholm.

The training is certified by the international training organization iARte, Dornach Switzerland.

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